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Weddings Simplified

This dream was founded while sipping on endless amount of coffees at our favourite cafe’s. This is where we realised that there are also many bride to- be’s sitting, hoping and dreaming for their perfect wedding day to come true. 

This dream service was designed by a mother and daughter who love creating, making and planning on all things weddings and events, the passion and thrill we get when we do any event is as if it were our very own!

From personal experience and as DIY bride myself, I realised far too late the real value a helping hand that a planner or stylist could have been at my wedding. I had so many ideas, I created so many things, decorations and touches. It was all beautiful, except I couldn't be the bride-  and planner and stylist! I didn't have all time  and I needed extra help bringing it to life.

This is why we're here, from experience and for the passion we have in creating, decorating, styling and planning as much or as little as you'd like. 


Wedding Design

Planning and designing your wedding is something so beautiful, a once in lifetime experience and above all, it's all about you two. So, even if you're a DIY bride who already has an idea but doesn't know how to bring it to life, or has the planning almost done, but you don't know how to combine colours, the type of flowers, the look, style and feel of the wedding, we're here to give you the extra support you need. Our planning and styling services come in flexible packages.

Being Wedding Planning & Design Academy certified, we can provide you with all the ideas and inspirations on how to bring every aesthetic element of your wedding to life. You'd be surprised at how much each intricate detail across every aspect of your wedding can impact your entire wedding day. leaving you and your guests with a lifetime of memories.


Designing for Memories

A little insight into the name of this wedding service (which will give you an idea of how we work) is due to the fact that cafe's is where I spend the majority of my time working, it is the place where I built my dream, where I love to meet new people, and the place I escape to. So, call me, let's go for coffee or tea, and let's design your lasting memories. We all know marriage is not just about your wedding day, but it is definitely a beautiful beginning of many memories to come.

Hire or Buy from Us

Gold Cutlery


Why settle for silver, when you can have gold. Beautiful set of 6 pieces will provide an extra touch of elegance and wow to your dinning event.

Dessert table full set

dessert, table

A wedding, a baby shower or bridal shower isn't complete without a full dessert table to place lavish and delicious treats on

Easel and Gold Mirror

gold mirror,  easel, table plan, back drop

A beautiful backdrop, a wall feature or a table plan, this easel and mirror has multiple functions, to elegantly and beautifully use in any way.

Gold and White Lanterns


Beautiful way to place candelabras or flowers dotted around the venue in white or gold lanterns, their sizes are medium and large. 

Assorted Lace & Ribbon Jars

jars, lace, ribbons, flowers

These vintage and modern decorated jars are the perfect way to display flowers, candles or simply dotted or hanged anywhere across the entire venue

Hand made & Bespoke decorations

hand made, bespoke, decorations, favours

We create hand made and bespoke decorations for any events, favours, gifts, decor, just get in touch and try us.


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